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What is on Your Year End Checklist?

WHAT IS ON YOUR YEAR END CHECKLIST? How are we in the last quarter of the year with the year end approaching quickly?! What is on your YE task checklist besides benefit renewal,
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Minimum wage increase requirement

This weeks HR in the Know is on the Minimum Wage Increase Requirement. If you have employees you pay a minimum wage to, on September 30 it went up to $11.
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Prayer for everyone in Hurricane Ian’s path

Today’s HR in the Know is on prayer. For all of us in SWFL and those in Ian’s path, it is now up to us to come together as a community and remember to be there for each other.
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Update on the HR Conference at Arthrex

Here is an update on our HR Conference we had at Arthrex today. Many thanx to my HR Partner in Crime, Alissa Desguin, President of Charlotte County SHRM; our Emcee, Chad Sorenson, President of HRFL;
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Job Seekers

HR in the Know goes out to all of you job seekers today! Last week I had the opportunity to provide Free Resume Reviews at a job fair. The Top 5 similar cringe-worthy mistakes were:
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A Reminder on Employment Handbooks

A reminder on Employment Handbooks. It only takes one employee…1…for structure and compliance…and destruction…a Handbook protects your business and your employees!
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Speaking at the #hrfl22 Conference

I am so excited that I get to speak at the #hrfl22 Conference this year at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, FL on Drum to Your Own Heart B-E-A-T!
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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Self Care

HR By Karen’s HR in the know is about getting out of your comfort zone and self care! Today, I got to take a Friday off and participate in the Ft.
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What Does It Take To Be A Champion?

What does it take to be a champion? For the second year, I am excited to be a corporate sponsor to the Florida Everblades Professional Hockey Club!
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Controlled Groups AKA Common Ownership

Today’s topic…Controlled Groups AKA Common Ownership. Want to learn more – Give me a jingle! Merry Christmas!
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Employee Classification

Hi! Today’s IN THE KNOW is about Employee Classification. If you get confused about how your employees are classified- Exempt or Non-Exempt – you are not alone!
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Seal the Deal with An Offer Letter

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Once you find your top talent, don’t forget to seal the deal with an Offer Letter! In order for it to be effective, your Offer Letter should have some basics like.
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The Supreme Court rulings on vaccination mandates and clarification that the HIPPA Privacy Rule

In the Know with HR by Karen…today’s topic: the Supreme Court rulings on vaccination mandates and clarification that the HIPPA Privacy Rule does not apply to COVID-19 vaccines.
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Background Check

Today’s topic is on Background Checks. Do you do them for your company? If not, you should be and if yes…BEWARE! A sneaky candidate flipped their name and put the last name as the first name and the first name as the last name so nothing negative would come up! How does this happen you ask?! It can! Call me and I’ll share how!
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Mental Wellness

Today’s HR in the Know is on Mental Wellness. It is a tough subject to talk about because no one likes to show their feelings. Sometimes what someone is showing us on the outside is not what they are feeling on the inside. If you find someone is struggling, please be patient, kind and encourage them to get help.
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Top 10 Hr Mistakes Small Businesses Make

HR By Karen is coming from Tallahassee, FL re: Karen’s Top 10 HR Mistakes Small Businesses Make. Please join me on Monday, February 14 11:30-1:00 for a Lunch and Learn at Collier Capital Club Inc to learn more!
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March 4th is Employee Appreciation Day!

It is a reminder today that next Friday, March 4, is Employee Appreciation Day! The first Friday in March is to honor all employees in any industry. So, how are you going to “March 4th” on with gratitude for your employees and show them you care?
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Acknowledging The 4 Things You Really Have Control Of in Drumming to Your Own Heart B-E-A-T

Today’s topic is acknowledging there are only 4 things you really have control of in drumming to your own Heart B-E-A-T.
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Bad Bosses

HR in the Know is on Bad Bosses! I had a candidate interview today and he was with a company for 10 years! I asked him why after 10 years he wanted to leave.
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Retaining Your Top Talent

HR in the Know – today’s topic is on retaining your top talent! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! The candidate pool is awful! What are you doing to retain your top talent?
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HR IN THE KNOW: Today’s topic is on Termination. It’s never fun…no matter the side you are on…Terminee or Terminator! Although there is no best way.
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Did You Know That Your Website Should Be in ADA Compliance Too?

HR IN THE KNOW: Did you know that your website should be in ADA Compliance too? Oh yes!
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Background Checks

HR in the KNOW’s topic is on Background Checks! Did you know that 1 and 3 adults have a criminal background? So when you do your Background checks.
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Takeaways from the SHRM Conference

HR in the Know – I just got home from an incredible week in New Orleans at the #shrm22 HR Conference.
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Partnering with Collier County Sheriff’s Office ~ An Active Shooter & Situational Awareness Training

HR in the Know is partnering with Collier County Sheriff’s Office for an Active Shooter and Situational Awareness Training.
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Another Tip From the SHRM

HR in the Know topic is another tip from the #SHRM Conference last week from Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive.
Ask your employees this question: What is important to you outside of work so we may support you? BRILLIANT!
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Reminder for Active Shooter & Situational Awareness on July 22nd 2022

HR in the Know is a reminder that the Active Shooter & Situational Awareness Training is next Friday, July 22, 2022 at 3:00 PM DeRomo’s Gourmet Market.
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Great Resignation

HR in the Know topic is on the “great resignation.” Are your employees leaving? Do you know why they are leaving? Ask yourself 3 questions.
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Mental Awareness Month

HR in the Know with HR By Karen’s topic is on Mental Awareness Month. Yes! It is the month of May! What are YOU doing for self care? For your Employees?
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HR in the Know’s topic is on Empathy. I am at #SHRMSWFL22 HR Conference today and my friend, Monique Akanbi, SHRM-CP.
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Reminder For Self Love This Holiday Weekend

HR in the Know with HR By Karen’s topic is a reminder to Self Love on yourself this long Holiday weekend so you can be strong to help others next week.
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HR in the Know’s topic is on PASSION! Steve Gilliland reminded us at the #shrm conference a few weeks ago in New Orleans that Passion is what fuels us.
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HR by Karen Celebrates Their 2-Year Anniversary

HR in the Know celebrates their 2-year anniversary! WOW!
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Annual Wage Increase Reminder for Non-Exempt Employees

HR By Karen’s HR in the Know topic is on the annual wage increase reminder for non-exempt employees!
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HR by Karen’s HR in the Know and today’s topic is on unplugging! When was the last time you unplugged and took care of yourself?
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